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For several years now the City of Renton has hosted this car show and it’s grown exponentially since the first show.
Some really great classics, a few rarities and the occasional odd but cool car from the recent past.


Probably one of the most photographed locations in Seattle. If you happen to be there at the right time though it can be quite magical.

Seattle at Sunset

Wanted to give this location another try after a brief test with Emily, under different weather and time conditions. Slightly overcast early evening compared to early morning and sunny.
It’s a quirky little park few seem to know about. But it offers a quite a unique backdrop.

  • 20150523-_97A2053-Edit-2

  • 20150523-_97A2216-Edit

  • 20150523-_97A2053-Edit

  • 20150523-_97A2100-Edit

  • 20150523-_97A2135_DxO-Edit-Edit

  • 20150523-_97A2162-Edit

  • 20150523-_97A2177-Edit

  • 20150523-_97A2177-Edit-2

  • 20150503-AmericanStripes-5x7FlatCard-Front edit

  • 20150525-_97A2318-Edit-Edit

  • 20150426-_97A5760-Edit-2

  • 20150426-_97A5690-Edit

  • 20150426-_97A5690-Edit-2

  • 20150426-_97A5685-Edit

  • 20150426-_97A5846-Edit

  • 20150506-Untitled-222-Edit

  • 20150426-_97A5791-Edit

  • 20150426-_97A5760-Edit-2-2

  • 20150426-_97A5727

  • 20150426-_97A5716-Edit-Edit-Edit

Quick Sunday morning shoot in a local park.

  • _97A9730-Edit

  • _97A0318-Edit

  • _97A0102-Edit

  • _97A0005-Edit