About Me!

My passion in photography was launched early. As a 10 year old my grandfather whom I grew up just a few houses away from, handed me a 35mm Argus Rangefinder camera he’d brought home from WW2. A few roles of film through that old camera and I was hooked. As I grew older and exposed myself to newer and better cameras including an Olympus OM-10 and Canon AE-1. An inherited darkroom setup and some classes taught me the lab side. Fast forward a few years and once digital equaled films quality and sharpness I made the leap in to “filmless” photography.

My primary focus for many years leaned towards landscapes and cityscapes eventually I made the jump to “people pictures”. Senior portraits, engagements, family portraits rounded out with model porfolio and commercial glamour. While I’ve added “people” to the list over the last 10 years, it only builds on several decades of passionate photography. Skilled with the digital tools and a strong technology background added to my passion for photography has put me in a place where I have never loved photography more.

I love to travel and combining my top two passions means I love to travel with my camera. Whether commissioned shoots halfway around the world or finding unique locations and views of the places I visit, you will never see me travel without my camera.

I am however busy with the passionate side, out on shoots, editing images and not always “up to the minute” with news and images on my website. Please contact me for a personal discussion about your image needs and we can go over a more thorough body of work in person.